A Walking Stick Is Just A Walking Stick Till You Swing It In Self Defense

Published: 08th February 2010
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"Carry a protective walking stick on my daily walk? What for? Nothing's going to happen to me!"

That's what most of us think. However...

Imagine for a minute that you've set out on your daily walk. You feel supremely confident as far as your safety is concerned. After all, you walk this same route every day and have never seen or personally experienced anything that has even remotely set off any alarm bells. So you leave the house with a spring in your walk, looking forward to enjoying the peaceful outdoors and saying hello to your other fellow walkers.

Suddenly, on a quiet stretch you come face to face with two free-ranging, menacing Pit Bulls who are right in your path and gnarling at you with their fangs bared. You know they mean business. What would you do?

Just visualize the scenario and try and think about what you would do in a situation like that!

This is not a far-fetched situation. This is something that happens every single day to millions of people all over the world, even though most of us prefer to think it will never happen to us. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make. While the world may not be all that scary a place, it is also true that danger lurks everywhere- not always in the form of a Pit Bull but also in the form of muggers and rapists.

Being Prepared is your Best Defense

Any person who comes unexpectedly face to face with danger would first and foremost be paralyzed with fear, which would render them incapable of thinking about how best to protect themselves. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be prepared. There are 2 aspects to being prepared: knowing what you will do in case the situation arises and having the means to defend yourself.

Still Wondering Where Walking Stick Comes In?

Personal protection walking canes offer you several advantages over other much-touted gadgets and gizmos that are especially designed for self-protection.

For one thing, unlike a gun or most other self defense weapons, you do not need a permit to carry around a personal protection walking stick. On a regular day, it is just a typical walking stick; until you get attacked. That's when this innocuous looking device can prove to be one of the most effective defense devices ever. A hard whack or a defensive jab with your protective walking cane will keep any attacker at bay, whether it is a Pit Bull or a potential rapist or mugger. Moreover, the walking cane gives you the added advantage of keeping your attacker at a distance so they cannot get near enough to harm you.

Walking sticks come in a wide assortment of styles and sizes. Once you find one that meets your particular needs, it is best carry it with you everywhere. This will help you get accustomed to the size and feel of the cane so that you can use it to maximum effect when the need arises.

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